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From loving yourself to letting go to following your dreams to making a difference in the world to refusing to settle in ANY area of your life, this book is a comprehensive look at living your best life as a single woman and celebrating exactly who you are in moment.And yes, love is a chapter or two of that…but not the entire book.The busy, vibrant, confident single woman has many, many other stories to tell!As I say in the book, the REAL fairytale is designing a life that’s so amazing, you don’t want to be rescued from it. , by Mandy Hale – My latest book and the one I’m most proud of and most excited for you to read.I’ve wanted to write this blog for a really long time.Since I am a bookworm, the #1 way I get inspired in whatever season of life I’m in is through the written word.Cindy sympathizes with the often jaw-droppingly unbelievable situations in love and life that single ladies frequently find ourselves in and helps find the silver lining in even the most heinous of awkward dates or painful breakups. (Until you’ve completely forgotten about the awkward date or bad breakup.) 4.

I wanted this book to be a complete snapshot of the entire experience of the single woman, not just one aspect.

How finding joy in little things brought even bigger things into her life.

How learning to simply say THANK YOU and show gratitude opened the door to joy in her heart.

The only compliant I have about this book is that it came out before the era of texting and Facebooking and IM’ing and DM’ing and Twitter and all the other various ways people communicate now…so I’d love to see an updated version! by Mandy Hale – My second book (and New York Times bestseller) travels deep into the journey of the single woman, covering serious and relevant topics like heartbreak, struggling with anxiety, abusive and toxic relationships, overcoming depression, rediscovering a new career path for yourself after one abruptly ends, and everything in between.

But even though the game of love has changed a bit since its publication, the truths in this book still hold true, and will still save you a LOT of heartache when dealing with a wishy-washy, is he or isn’t he? And while it does break down some serious issues…there are also some SERIOUS laughs along the way!

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I’ve actually read this book over and over again after almost every breakup I’ve ever been through and can’t recommend it enough. by Ann Voskamp – This book needs to be read by every person, single or not.

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