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Dix finds out and almost strangles her during a violent confrontation before he regains control. It is Brub with good news: Mildred's boyfriend (named Henry Kesler, the same as the film's associate producer) has confessed to her murder.Tragically, it is too late to salvage Dix and Laurel's relationship. North adapted the story, he stuck close to the original source and John Derek was considered for the role of Dix because in the novel he was much younger.Laurel gets to the point where she cannot sleep without taking pills.Her distrust and fear of Dix are becoming too much for her.Although lesser known than his other work, Bogart's performance is considered by many critics to be among his finest and the film's reputation has grown over time along with Ray's.

"Before inertia set in, he played one fascinatingly complex character, craftily directed by Nicholas Ray, in a film whose title perfectly defined Humphrey's own isolation among people.

The coat check girl Mildred was murdered during the night and Dix is a suspect.

Laurel is brought to the police station and confirms seeing the girl leave Dix's apartment alone and unharmed, but Lochner is still deeply suspicious.

refused to loan her out, a move often thought to be in reaction to Bogart having set up his own independent production company, the type of which Warner Bros.

were afraid would jeopardize the future of the major studios.

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Dix tells Brub that he is finally finished with his screenplay, and the final shot was to be of a page in the typewriter which has the significant lines Dix said aloud to Laurel in the car (which he admitted to not knowing where to put) "I was born when she kissed me, I died when she left me, I lived a few weeks while she loved me." This scene was filmed halfway through the shooting schedule, but Ray hated the ending he had helped write.

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