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Because the end result is simply more effeminate men, and more masculine women. Feminist journalists are now demanding that toy stores make themselves “gender neutral” — marketing toys that girls prefer to boys, and toys that boys prefer to girls. Feminists are telling Hollywood studios to remake beloved classics like Ghostbusters into unfunny, female dominated flops, and Hollywood studios are listening!We are not far from toy stores stocking Iron Man butt plugs, and Disney cartoons with tranny heroes.Men are by nature competitive, aggressive, and can be maniacally driven.This is a hormonal and behavioral fact, reflected throughout the history of humanity.Anyone who has ever played a sport knows that the team never feels closer then after their dickhead coach has put them through an excruciating workout.It builds character, friendship, and a better understanding of yourself. It’s the social equivalent of basic training in the military, or two-a-day practices in sports: pushing you to the limit, testing your mettle.Yesterday was Halloween, or “All Hallow’s Eve” as it is known where I’m from. And like all dead people seem to do, I’m told they are voting for Hillary Clinton.If Hillary wins, the struggle for freedom of speech in American and especially on campus becomes even more important, given a crazy social justice warrior president and a stacked supreme court that thinks the constitution is toilet paper. This election can be viewed as a battle between a man who epitomizes pure masculinity vs. An unapologetic billionaire playboy who has spent his life chasing beautiful women, making millions dollar deals, building massive estates, and shit-talking anyone who gets in his way.

Look at how all of these male journalists reacted to the Trump Tapes.

Games journalists decided games without blowing heads off, hot babes, and explosions were the future.

But without those, all you can do in games is walk around in real life.

They are punished for demonstrating typical boyish behavior, and are thrown on medication if they don’t comply to female behavioral standards.

“Lad culture” in the UK and “frat culture” in the US are now used as pejoratives, to demonize men and male pastimes.

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They were “appalled.” They said it was “beyond the pale.” They waged a phony war on “locker room talk,” as if they had never heard or talked about getting pussy before. And every single guy in this room knows it’s a lie. They hate the idea that, when behind closed doors, men don’t give a single fuck about their phony political correctness standards and language policing.

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