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When I ask whether he has seen Madonna or Nicole Kidman while filming here, he visibly winces. One also gets the sense that, above everything, he takes his craft very seriously indeed.

As Nick Willing, the director of Dr Sleep, puts it, 'I've put him through some terrible loops in this film.

The show casts the actress as a college history professor who travels into the past alongside a soldier [played by Matt Lanter] and engineer [played by Malcolm Barrett] to track a master criminal [played by Goran Visnjic,] who has stolen a time machine.

"I just wanted to do something really, really different than I had been doing and it could not get more different -- on an exterior level anyway," the 35-year-old Florida native told UPI during a recent round-table interview with reporters at New York Comic Con.

The person I cannot help honing in on, of course, is Visnjic, who is actually far more attractive in the flesh than he is on screen, his pitch-black hair falling seductively over his forehead and an unlit cigarette casually slotted between his fingers.

After I have taken a few pictures, everyone heads for the food tent.

One particularly disturbing scene involves a victim being strapped down and having blood drawn from his eye.

IF you are female and not instantly, uncontrollably attracted to the man on the cover of this magazine, let me know.He offers me something to drink from a fridge and waves away a plate of fish and vegetables which his assistant, Emma, has just brought in, explaining that he had a huge breakfast this morning.Up close, his skin is so dramatically white and his eyes so dark that one can't help thinking of Rudolph Valentino. Visnjic, who has been working flat-out for 18 months, says he cannot wait until the weekend when he will be flying back home to Croatia, a place, he fervently insists, that isn't the shell-littered wasteland one might imagine.'The coast, where I grew up, is far from those places Macedonia and Kosovo,' he explains, folding his 6ft 4in frame into a dinky sofa. For example, on the northern part of Croatia, where I am from, no bullet was exchanged.The torture scenes, for example, were psychologically very tough indeed.He's at the stage in his career where he doesn't mind doing weird things.

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I, meanwhile, just stand there dithering about how I am going to get down.

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