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ROGERx MOORE is a french powerviolence band with drum machines.100% Normandy one-man grind bands split with FLAVOURED BRAIN and his horrifik grind, like MORTICIAN seeing strange movies.This is how Apple had to report sales during the first few years of the i Phone.It still defers some revenues for its hardware, mainly on account of i Cloud, but the vast bulk of hardware revenue (96%) is now accounted upfront, recognized upon the product’s acceptance by customers.It’s counterpart is “sell-in” which is sales to the channel distributors.

To compound the offense, the manager could also tip his friends to short the stock at the end of the year, leaving investors “holding the bag” when the inevitable correction follows.

Mx F is a goregrind band from Mexico with Shitter from BIZARRE EJACULATION.

5 new tracks for BBARBAPAPPA BUTCHERY (crazy hateful goregrind from France).

Inventory, as Tim Cooks says, is fundamentally evil. Sometimes miscalculation of sell-through could result in vast amounts of inventory that has to be returned by distributors.

That inventory is either written off or sold at fire sale prices resulting in a “write-down”.

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This means that the excess is expected to be sold within a fixed time frame if shipments were to end.

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