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He assumed an evolutionary trajectory in which the handles became increasingly less pronounced through time, and used this characteristic among others to organize the assemblages.Seriation is most commonly used in archaeology as a means of relative dating, where the sequence is arranged from earlier to later and objects along the continuum are datable ‘relative’ to other artifacts in the class.Note that there is nothing inherent about the sequence to determine the temporal direction, i.e., which end is earliest, so this technique is generally used in conjunction with stratigraphy or other independent dating techniques.Seriation as a concept grew out of biological classification, and its first application in archaeology is generally credited to Sir Flinders Petrie.Analyzing grave lots from discrete burial contexts, Petrie arranged the lots by similarity until he had arrived at the most internally consistent pattern.

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His worrying about where a pot came from and what period it dated to and what that meant to the other objects buried with it were light-years away from the ideas represented in this photo dated to 1800, in which "Egyptian pots" was considered enough information for the thinking man.

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